16 August 2017

Spotted in Germany 2017 pt 02

Foam....lots and lots of lovely foam!

13 August 2017

spotted in Germany 2017 pt 01

Back by popular demand from Mrs Trellis in Nottingham, this season's 'spotted in Germany' 
opens with some full-size action on the telly.

09 July 2017

spotted in Maidstone....

Come and visit White Horse Country Park, and enjoy the
complimentary aero-modelling advice service as part of the experience!

Funny how the Council's 'Visit Maidstone' web page doesn't mention
some of the other sights that can be seen up on the hill from time to time!
Scroll down the page in the link above to view a wide selection of arty shots.

02 July 2017

think this was thursday

A Thursday afternoon quickie....

...and we have the Duke of Sittingbourne in full attendance! 

The Strega nestled in both the bosom of nature, and its new ownership.

In its natural element...

Charlie's happy with both the new glider and the carbon fibre 'tache

Note the dejected stance as the walk of shame begins...

We have increased dihedral (fence induced)!

A couple of splints and you'll be fine Duke!

The spy in the sky is ready.

22 June 2017

solstice '17

A rather magical session up at Wrotham
in honour of the longest day and the start of summer.

Eric makes sure he doesn't miss tonight's episode of 'Strictly Come Soaring'.

It's in there somewhere...

More arrivals at the patch as the sun begins to sink.

Mark leads the way with the mighty Nimbus, but
first he has to slide his head back onto his neck
and then revolve it through 180 degrees.

Like a boss.

We dream of evenings like this.

The lift eases off, and Mark heads over to the trees
to milk their gentle but consistent heat guffs.

Facial pubes indicate 1 m/s up

Eric's off to join the fun...

...and Joe pursues with on-board camera whilst (I thought I might add for the record)
adhering strictly to the BMFA FPV guidelines  

What's this bursting from out of the sun?

It's Mark's 200% ASH 26 low over our heads!

Time to get rid of those pesky nettles....

More speed or leading edge razor blades required next time!

Eric provides us with two walks of shame....

...and an interesting tailplane configuration!

ahhhh the Pulsar at Wrotham!
It's like March 2012 all over again!!

We're warming up for some low passes....

Though this lot was consistently the lowest (and most annoying) of the evening

Looks as if the conditions are going to lend themselves well
to the Minimoa too...







in today's blog entry!

Low lift conditions bring out the obligatory Alula.

But the light beats us eventually.

And despite all being airborne for the last rays of the sun....

.....the time has come to land.

Mark takes this opportunity to attack the nettles at 76mph.

Nettles shrug off a 12kg scalie and live to sting another day.

Here comes winter!